Department of Dance

The Department of Dance supports and develops dance gifted children and provides all pupils, according to their abilities and interest, with the foundations of professional training to enable them to become either a dancer in artistic groups of all persuasions, or a professional for which the culture of motional expression and basic dancing skills are advantageous. In this context pupils develop correct posture and techniques of movement while nurturing their inner sensitivity, perception, imagination, creativity and musical and spatial awareness. The Department of Dance provides essential preparation for study at conservatoire.

In the subjects of Introductory Dance, Contemporary Dance, Folk Dance, Classical Dance Techniques and Dance Practise pupils proceed through a comprehensive development program encompassing basic dance techniques, dance expression, encouraging their creative abilities and generating a sense of mutual motional interplay.

An important and integral component of tuition is musical accompaniment. The primary role of the accompanist in tuition is improvisation, resulting from the sensation of movement. The accompanist works closely with the tutor. In the School the accompanist is part of majorette classes.

Training is divided thus: Preparatory Study, Primary Study at Levels I and II and Extended Study.

Length of Study:

Preparatory year 1 to 2 years for pupils from 5 – 7 years of age
Level I 7 years for pupils from 7 do 15 years of age
Level II 4 years for pupils from 14 years of age