Department of Drama

The Drama Department is a department of synthesis. The basis of teaching and means of education are creative activities: drama (movement and speaking), performance, literary and puppet plays. The department develops a specific dramatic musicality in children, young people and adults enabling them to perceive and creatively depict, over time, human behaviour and conduct. Drama training forms a significant tool both in the development of several components of pupils’ sociability (the ability to feel as a group, solve difficult social situations, etc) and in the nurture of artistic talent in theatrical and literary activities. The techniques of movement, speaking and musico-rhythmic performance pervade all levels of study. These techniques equip the student with the skills necessary for natural, cultivated and creative expression. Emphasis is also placed on the history of dramatic and literary works, visits are arranged to selected theatre and cinema productions, exhibitions, concerts and historic landmarks.

Training is divided thus: Preparatory Study, Primary Study at Levels I and II and Extended Study.

Length of Study:

Preparatory year 1 to 2 years for pupils from 6 - 8 years of age
Level I 6 years for pupils from 9 - 15 years of age
Level II 4 years for pupils from 14 years of age

Teaching is carried out on the whole in groups; however, some subjects require individual tuition (performance, simple puppet handling techniques, role preparation, etc). The Drama Department trains children and young people to be future amateur actors, speakers, educated and discriminating viewers and readers.