Department of Visual Arts

The Department of Visual Arts seeks to enable pupils to gain, according to their abilities, a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them and to transform this understanding into visual expression. Talented students are provided with further knowledge and skills in Extended Study as preparation for entry examinations to colleges and institutions of higher education specialising in visual arts. Curricula form a platform for connecting pluralistic, shared study syllabuses. Each syllabus contains a justly distinctive philosophical attitude to the questions of human existence. In the foreground are spiritual values, in whose light visual arts tuition functions as a tool to guide the person. Diversification in attitude leads to distinct educational concepts, methods of work and modes of expression.

In Two- and Three-dimensional Work, Objective and Active Work and Visual Arts Culture varying systems of tuition are employed and students familiarise themselves with drawing, painting, graphics, decorative activities, modelling, new expressive means, pottery, textiles, plastics, photography and computer graphics.

Training is divided thus: Preparatory Study, Primary Study at Levels I and II and Extended Study.

Length of Study:

Preparatory Year 1 to 2 years for pupils from 5 – 7 years of age
Level I 7 years for pupils from 7 do 15 years of age
Level II 4 years for pupils from 14 years of age