Liberec is one of the largest towns in the North of the country, surrounded by beautiful countryside with a rich and significant history. In the early 1920s Liberec rapidly became the heart of a new artistic hub, during which the Czech Music School was established in 1925.

The School has experienced a long and complicated development, has been housed in various buildings and has, over time, become one of the largest institutions of its kind in the Czech Republic. Over the years its title changed to Lidová škola umění (Popular School of Arts, 1961), and later Základní umělecká škola (Primary Arts School, 1991). In its first year there were 120 students; today the School can count thousands of ex-pupils, hundreds of whom have made music and the arts their profession.

Today’s Primary Arts School on Frýdlantská is a new, purpose-built building. The School building, finished in 1995, achieved the Czech Republic Building of the Year Award in the same year. Administrated by the Town of Liberec, the School boasts over 1800 students attending classes in the afternoons and evenings. There are almost 80 professional teaching staff working in the fields of music, drama, dance and visual arts. Our teachers’ role encompasses both the education of future amateur artistes and the preparation of students wishing to study at conservatoire or other institutes of higher education specialising in the arts. The School therefore forms the first step in Czech artistic education: Primary Arts School – Conservatoire – Higher Arts School (University).

Teaching at the Primary Arts School follows plans and curricula set down by the Ministry of Education, strictly controlled by the Czech Schools’ Inspectorate. The importance of an artistic education for the harmonic development of character is recognised by both the State and the School’s administrators and as such education at the School is subsidised financially to a large degree. Thanks to these subsidies, school fees can be kept to an absolute minimum.